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Weather Fax

  • mast length is 12.5m

I'm not entirely certain I've put in the correct numbers for all the calculations correctly, but here are our general performance & stability numbers (from

  • The maximum speed of the boat is: 6.29 knots (22ft. at water line)
  • The Sail Area Displacement Ratio is: 15.57. The sailboat is a cruiser-racer.
  • The Displacement to Length Ratio is: 332.75. The sailboat is a heavy displacement cruiser.
  • The Motion Comfort Ratio is: 27.68
  • The Stability of the boat is: 1.74 (Stability is predicted !!) (anything less than 2 is considered stable)
  • The screening stability value of the boat is: 14.81
  • Angle of Vanishing Stability is 193.09 (estimated a 0.7m draft of hull without keel, will try to measure this season) (anything above 120 is good, above 140 is better)
  • Ballast Displacement Ratio: %44
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