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Misc Info

  • Hatch dimensions: 89 x 66cm
  • Motor mount dimensions: 20 x 23cm, 3×1/2“ ply
  • Toe rail: 5.2m
  • Tiller: 57cm + rise of 10cm
  • Barber haul cleat wood bases: 7 x 3.5cm



  • Install security bolts
  • motor mount, sliding up, could be lowered a bit?


  • Need to bend windex indicators back into place
  • Need a bigger/stronger baton installed on the back stay


  • New sail cover to allow leaving sail slides in the slot


  • Sand and varnish tiller, could use two more coats
  • Replace toe-rails or patch broken toe-rail section (have 1m teak piece)
  • Replace or refinish hatch-cover
  • Install external hatch handle
  • Replace wood underneath spinnaker barber-haul cleats
  • Patch random small cracks on deck & in cockpit


  • Remove old speed log and fill holes
  • File pantry and stove cover doors down to allow for expansion
  • Re-attach trim to various panels
  • Floor board reinforce forward port side
  • Floor board sand down bilge cover
  • Paint inside walls near cabin entrance
  • Sand and varnish walls underneath added deck supports (varnish is peeling)


  • Safety lines - or at least a bow pulpit
  • Window replacement
  • Find replacement mast support pole? Need to prime the top section of the pole, a bit of rust.
  • Replace motor mount plywood



  • Weld tiller bracket back together
  • Patch small paint crack just above water line on starboard side near stern
  • Check rudder bearings and shaft condition Should be okay for a long time to come.
  • Bottom paint


  • Remove lost/dropped halyard blocks from center of mast DONE!
  • Either get 12-20 screws for spreaders or drill out to MM size Drilled and tapped to M6!
  • New Windex
  • Replace masthead lamp with LED
  • Install baton to lift backstay over sail headboard when tacking?
  • Forestay- rubs against jib halyard sheave, move it outside of the sheave position or remember to keep backstay loose (Found a suitable piece of steel to use to move the stay forward a centimeter or two)Sheave was in great shape, this isn't necessary
  • Replace lower boom kicker bracket (maybe upper too?) with something more sturdyBent back into shape, re-riveted


  • Shorten lower boom kicker length and re-attach (will allow more downward movement), need hacksaw and riveter at the boat
  • Re-install washers on jib halyard block


  • Glue metal plate back into place under stove hatch - don't think it will last, need screws instead (DIDN'T hold).Bolted down.

Bottom painting supplies

  • masks
  • gloves
  • scrapers
  • masking tape
  • drop cloths
  • containers to mix epoxy paint (that won't melt, tin cans maybe)
  • sand paper
  • sanding blocks
  • beer
  • bourbon
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