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Long term To-Do

  • Proper jib downhaul installationNot so necessary…
  • Safety lines - or at least a bow pulpit
  • Mainsail slug system installation (major sticking point is track start position, too high) - thoughts on slugs
  • Lazy jacks?
  • Window replacement
  • Fishing rod mount installation


  • Install security cable
  • Replace motor mount plywood
  • Depth sounder is dead- repair
  • motor mount, sliding up, could be lowered a bit?
  • fuel lines tightened and clamped


  • Replace ticklers/tell-tales on Jib/Genoa - purchased ticklers, need to install
  • Add tell-tales on shrouds for Jose
  • Shorten lower boom kicker length and re-attach (will allow more downward movement), need hacksaw and riveter at the boat
  • Forestay- rubbing against jib halyard bearing, either tighten forstay or move it outside of the bearing position
  • Jib halyard bearing needs washers re-installed
  • spreaders need to be removed to allow lost wheel to fall to the bottom, missing one screw on the spreaders


  • Formula 5 hull treatment, recommendation from Calle
  • Check and seal teak side and toe rail screws (mid starboard side and toe rail split/falling off, perhaps stainless sheet metal retainer over top of split point?)
  • Replace wood underneath spinnaker barber-haul cleats
  • Check rudder bearings and shaft condition
  • Pull out and check bottom condition - barnacles sighted while heeled over
  • Reattach cockpit floorboards
  • Sand and varnish tiller
  • Another sand and varnish coat for the top hatch


  • Glue metal plate back into place under stove hatch - don't think it will last, need screws instead (DIDN'T hold).
  • File pantry and stove cover doors down to allow for expansion
  • Re-attach trim to various panels
  • Floor board reinforce forward port side - completely rebuilding the forward floor boards, will take several gluing sessions and new screws.
  • Paint inside walls near cabin entrance
  • Find replacement mast support pole? Need to deal with the top section of the pole, quite a bit of rust.
  • Sand and varnish walls underneath added deck supports (varnish is peeling)
  • Install hook under cabin hatch to allow easier spinnaker stowage (have brass hooks, but maybe something with a latch would be better)


  • Shock cord jib stowage system up front (maybe attached to toe rails via through-hole bolts rather than to deck) - old “lazy jacks” untied and ready for use for the jib, need two plastic hooks
  • Re-orientation of back-stay blocks to allow easier access to the motor (see Per Nielsen's rigging notes)


  • Service Engine ! should be done once a year. Water pump impeller has not been serviced or replaced.
  • Water added to battery.
  • Fix engine lift locking spring/mechanism - I oiled this a while ago, and today it actually worked, the oil might have soaked in. This seems to be confirmed, oil & time are apparently all that were needed- should keep well oiled in the future.
  • Charge battery - started with solar, need to check voltage with DMM - was low, ~12.2V, up to 12.65V. Hooked up to shore power to continue charging and it's up to 13.75 (now 13.85), should be about 14.5 I believe. Will keep going. Battery is up to 14.08 today. The liquid tester thingy says the batter is dead though, not sure it's accurate. Checked before starting charge this morning and voltage was down to 12.75. It's chili this morning though, temp might have an impact. Despite peaking above 14, following morning back down to 12.75. Considering it “charged”, though we may need a replacement.

Standing Rigging

  • Replace backstay line



  • Tiller Pin Lock-nut replacement
  • File down jib car tracks where damaged
  • Service/grease winches
  • Fix hinge on rear locker
  • Sand and varnish hatches - 6 coats of varnish applied
  • Proper glue on front hatch seal
  • Oil the Teak - teak oil acquired, see this link for application guidance. A second coat should be applied.
  • Re-tape shrouds & forestay with self-amalgamating tape
  • Replace fender lines
  • Repair top hatch - check rails, reattach rear stop board - sanding done, varnishing begun - 3 coats so far, now 5. stop board back in place, couple varnish screw-ups, need to sand and re-varnish those and done.


  • Wax center drawer slides
  • Repair stove cover hinges
  • Glue board above center drawer
  • Glue center drawer slides back in place
  • Repair hatch lock screws
  • Repair drawers (front loose on port side drawer)
  • Figure a method to allow forward bench boards to fit more easily into place - handles mounted along wall side of benches should do it - nylon webbing handles installed
  • Attach usable handles to rear bench boards for easier removal - nylon webbing handles installed
  • Sand and paint mast support pole in cabin - re-use epoxy primer from last year's hull job? brush with drill based wire brush to remove existing - cleanup done, one coat of epoxy paint on. Another coat (nice and thick) is on.
  • File drawer openings to allow more space for expansion
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