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5dkk coins for showers.

1000mg vitamin C tablets to test possible circulation improvements noted by Swedes?

Velcro/other quick release for life-ring.: we're good enough already

Fishing supplies ?- new line for reels, more tackle… reel for my rod, new line for catie's reel, spoons & lures, box.

batteries: AA, C, D?

butane stove w/ extra canisters : single burner purchased, old stove retired, 6 267g cans, burner is 180g/hour.



seasickness pills


return main sail to claes, with note and 200 dkk for genua - he's away…

Check sail tape reserves

register credits and regions on windfinder.comhave the 3g dongle…

prepare ipod



plan meals

plan route - started… 66 nm to Odde.

get cat sitter

get tarp for cockpit area

get charts

find logbook

fix other bouy light:could not be repaired, discarded. touched up current light, it's working well.

fix red wire to cabin light,: completely rewired cabin light

replace cabin lights with LED? done. LED lights in place - only one works, ugh. wtf.

get jib wheel/block for top of mast: x2 - done + 8mm washers

install port burgee flag loop in spreader : done, wooooo hooooo!

get bosun's chair

get small vhf antenna

mix reserve fuel in with big can

get wd40

get rags, paper towels, tampons

get launching flares : single red parachute flare, single white hand-held flare for non distress

get music/movies/etc. together

get D & AA batteries, check what batteries are in the shortwave C batts in shortwave, there are 6 new onboard

get plastic bin for batteries

new fire extinguisher (Class 8A 34 B2 67 EDSE 267 2120) : new extinguisher is 200dkk, old cannot be recharged unless sent to manufacturer

get marine-tex patch stuff

small plastic storage container for oil etc. in back locker

get 12mm drill bit, cut off lock bar with grinder, drill out hole

get small tool-kit original ikea toolkit back together thanks to lois!

check game-stop 12v to usb charger, find alternative if it doesn't charge phone & ipod touch : gamestop does not charge iphone/ipod, found one at brinck that does

check turnbuckle pins & lock nuts

get self-amalgamating tape from brinck

install duvel can for fishing rod storage done - best epoxy ever is plastic padding “super epoxy”

new fenders

check possibility of external fuel connector

install new fuel connector : new engine is now on external tank

trash bags

quick release shackles with rings for safety lines done and installed with pull rings

fishing licenses

get ball & cone

maybe system to hang lines in the back locker : hooks installed

fix radio power cord

get screw for spreaders and install

charge battery

freeze plastic bottles of water - 3 done so far, 1 big one in

cut jean shorts?

measure for cockpit table,: 13 1/4“ width, rod cut to correct length. possibly make one?

build cockpit table : Done!

Make slide holder line

Fit grommets to mainsail cover

get distilled water for battery

set out of office message out of office! ! ! at least in email. . .



  • Freeze marinated meats - korean beef done
  • Pickle vegetables - carrots and shallots done


  • Cheese
  • Pickled Carrots, Radishes, Onions, etc.
  • Small bottle of Siracha
  • Mustard
  • Chips
  • Bread
  • Bouillon
  • Jam
  • Dried sausages
  • Tomato sauce / Pesto on the boat
  • Onion and garlic on the boat
  • Hoisin

Cold/Easy Meals

  • Roast Beef night before - lasts 2/3 days
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Chorizio

Hot/Easy Meals

  • Ramen
  • Cup of soup
  • Pasta on the boat
  • Dried Tortellini
  • Pre-made soup

Normal meals for BBQ/otherwise

  • Korean Steak strips w/lettuce wraps
  • Rice paper wraps, rice noodles & Hoisin sauce
  • Maybe pizza?
  • Nicoise pasta salad w/tuna, olives, cherry tomatoes (+green beans, capers?)


From employees at Claus V.- skip Odense, take the western course around Fyn.

Activities around FYN


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