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5dkk coins for showers.

1000mg vitamin C tablets to test possible circulation improvements noted by Swedes.

Lamp and batteries for man-overboard strobe.

Velcro/other quick release for life-ring.

hair clips

Fishing supplies- new line for reels, more tackle… reel for my rod, new line for catie's reel, spoons & lures, box.

more seasickness pills


batteries: AA, C, D

Extra bicycle tubes, 2 at least. 16×1.75 size.


Check sail tape reserves

Buy folding bikes? (sammenklappelig or foldecyckle and sometimes minicykel) - Done! Need to upgrade cranks to 50+ chain ring on one bike.

wax jacket

register credits and regions on

configure netbook with GPS and 3G

prepare ipod



plan meals


Activities on Bornholm


lobster! - HUMMER HYTTEN Strandstien 10, Listed (00 45 2022 5305). A small converted smokery on the harbourside in a tiny fishing village between Gudhjem and Svaneke. All but two of the tables are outside, so it's a good idea to visit on a sunny day. As its name (meaning 'the lobster hut') implies, lobster - grilled or served in a vol au vent with scampi - is the speciality here. Open from lunchtime to around 5pm.

beer! - BRYGHUS SVANEKE Torvet 5, Svaneke (00 45 5649 7321). Bornholm's own micro-brewery makes a variety of beers, including an excellent unfiltered, unpasteurised pilsner, a hop-rich golden ale, a sweet stout and beers made using seasonal ingredients. The relaxed atmosphere of the bar and restaurant (which make a feature of the copper brewing kettles) and the Scandinavian prices encourage you to linger over your drink.

ice cream! - BOISEN0KOLOGISK Hovedgaden 4, Snogebaek (00 45 5648 8089). An ice-cream parlour in a quiet coastal village. Serves home-made ices, including excellent elderflower sorbet, plus very good coffee.

herring! - ROGERIET I SVANEKE Fiskergade 12, Svaneke (00 45 5649 6324). Smokehouse open from about 9am to 5pm, depending on the time of year. Serves a superb selection of fish smoked in vast ovens on the premises: eel, salmon, trout and, of course, Baltic herring come on rye bread, or with potato salad or chips. There are other notable smokehouses at Hasle, Allinge and Gudhjem.

game! - PERRONEN Monch Petersensvej 3, Rønne (00 45 5696 3410). New restaurant serving good game and fish, plus home-made breads and ice creams. Run by the team that made a success of Christianhojkroen, a restaurant in a hunting lodge near Åkirkeby.

STRAND HYTTEN Baunevej 18, Vester Somarken, Pedersker (00 45 5697 8250). Newly opened café-restaurant at the end of a winding road through the pine woods that leads to the white sands of Dueodde beach. A café during the day, the Strand serves full meals such as linguine with lobster and asparagus on its attractive terrace.

RESTAURANT BOKULHUS Bokulvej 4, Gudhjem (00 45 5648 5297). In a grand mansion on a hill, with a terrace overlooking the roofs of Gudhjem, the Bokulhus serves modern Danish food that makes the best of local seasonal produce: rolled cod comes with puréed beetroot and home-made bread, fillet steak with a salad of Bornholm new potatoes dressed with balsamic vinegar and thyme.

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