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Custom iPhone SMS Tones

There are many, many how-tos on this subject, these are just my notes.

Phone Prep

  1. Jailbreak phone
  2. Install Cydia
  3. Install BossPrefs
  4. Install OpenSSH
Important Note for ssh: 
username - root
password - alpine

Tone Prep

  1. Change iTunes import to AIFF
  2. Edit mp3 file to selected length
  3. Add shortened mp3 file to iTunes Library
  4. Right-click on file and choose “Create AIFF Version”
  5. Drag new version out of iTunes
  6. Rename new files to sms-received#.caf where # is 1-6

Copy to Phone

  1. Create backup of existing sms-received files in /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/
  2. scp new files to that directory
  3. Restart iPhone


Backup of original files in this archive.

The 3 Animal Collective/Panda Bear tones I'm currently using are in this archive. They are sure to wake you up (and maybe give you a heart attack) when you get a systems page in the middle of the night.

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