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 <​tab>​**[[unix:​osx:​lirc_on_a_mac|LIRC on a Mac]]** <​tab>​**[[unix:​osx:​lirc_on_a_mac|LIRC on a Mac]]**
 +<​tab>​**[[unix:​osx:​multiple_skype|Run multiple Skype accounts on a Mac]]**
 <​tab>​**[[unix:​osx:​skype5_gdb|Skype 5 on a mac with custom window size using gdb]]** <​tab>​**[[unix:​osx:​skype5_gdb|Skype 5 on a mac with custom window size using gdb]]**
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 ===== Linux ===== ===== Linux =====
 +<​tab>​**[[unix:​networking:​openwrt_routing|"​Split"​ VPN routing with OpenWRT/​Tomato]]**
 <​tab>​**[[unix:​stora]]** <​tab>​**[[unix:​stora]]**
 +<​tab>​**[[unix:​kodi|Kodi/​XMBC keymaps file]]**
 ===== Cygwin ===== ===== Cygwin =====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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