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-====== UC4 Firewall Change Procedure ====== +<​form>​ 
-This change procedure specifically addresses requests for access to the UC4 application servers via the "CP" ports, which allows both Agents and Dialog Clients access to the application.+Action mail 
 +Thanks ​"Thanks for submitting your valuable data."
-To modify the ACL for the application servers:+Fieldset "A set of fields"​ 
 +Textbox ​ "​Employee Name" "=Your Name"​ 
 +number "Your Age" >13 <99 
 +email "Your E-Mail Address"​ 
 +textbox "​Occupation (optional)"​ ! 
 +password "Some password"​
-  * Edit this wiki page and modify the custscope string by appending new IP address(es) with a short-form netmask, delimited by commas +fieldset "even more fields"​ 
-  * Select the text of the entire code block (ensure the last new line is included) and copy it to the clipboard +select "​Please select an option"​ "​Peaches|Apples|Oranges"​ 
-  * Open a Remote Desktop session to hosts and +static "Some static ​text that could be an agreement"​ 
-  * Open a command prompt with administrative privileges (right-click ​to open as Admin) +yesno "​Read ​the agreement?"​ 
-  * Paste the code into the command prompt+textarea "Tell me about your self" 
 +textbox "You need to write '​agree'​ here" /^agree$/ 
 +submit "​Submit Query"​ 
-set custscope=​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​24,​​24,​​24,​​24,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32,​​32 
-rem Quick and dirty datetime string 
-rem replace leading space with "​0",​ remove ":",​ strip milliseconds from time 
-set mytime=%time:​ =0% 
-set mytime=%mytime::​=% 
-set mytime=%mytime:​~0,​-3% 
-rem set datetime var to re-ordered date with time appended 
-set datetime=%date:​~12%%date:​~4,​-8%%date:​~7,​-5%%mytime% 
-rem Dump current rules to log file 
-netsh advfirewall firewall show rule "UC4 CP2217"​ 
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