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 +  * bash v3 does not support unicode output with the built-in printf, use MacPorts to install bash v4
 +  * once in bash v4, printf "​\u266D"​ gives "​♭"​
 +  * to get a list of fonts in ImageMagick:​ ''​convert -list font''​
 +bash-4.2$ cat chords.txt ​
 +bash-4.2$ for i in $(<​chords.txt);​do convert -font "​Apple-Symbols-Ordinær"​ -density 90 -pointsize 144 label:​$i ​ tmp/​$i.gif;​done
 +bash-4.2$ ls tmp
 +A.gif    A♯.gif ​  ​B♭.gif ​  ​C♯.gif ​  ​D♭.gif ​  ​E.gif ​   F.gif    G.gif    G♯.gif
 +A♭.gif ​  ​B.gif ​   C.gif    D.gif    D♯.gif ​  ​E♭.gif ​  ​F♯.gif ​  ​G♭.gif
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